Yosef Starkin

Yosef Starkin


Scharnweberstr. 6/7
10247 Berlin

Heilerlaubnis, Abrechnung

  • Psychologische/r Psychotherapeut/in approbiert
  • Selbstzahler


  • allg. psych. Problem - Lebensberatung
  • Angst - Phobie
  • Coaching
  • Depression
  • Psychosomatik
  • Stress - Burnout - Mobbing
  • Trauma - Gewalt - Missbrauch


  • Gesprächstherapie
  • Kurzzeittherapie
  • Körperorientierte Verfahren
  • Online-Beratung


  • Einzeltherapie

Weitere Sprachen

  • Englisch
  • Hebräisch
  • Russisch

Freie Plätze / Wartezeiten

  • Freie Plätze vorhanden.
  • In dringenden Fällen auch kurzfristig Termine möglich.


  • EABP (European Association for Body Psychotherapy)
Persönliches Profil


Emotions are language.
Through understanding our emotions and the reasons behind them, we can accept ourselves better and change ourselves more productively. Relationships are complicated, but there is a logic behind them. Things like boundaries, expressing anger and frustration, self expression and the ability to understand each other can be learned. We can partly program our lives, organising and creating our relationships.

Every psychotherapist has a unique style, and the fit between the psychotherapist and the client is critical for the success of the process.
I am direct, and often challenging. I take suffering seriously, but not too seriously. I believe that sinking too much in the swamp of our suffering can delay the progress.

Psychotherapy is not a short process. It does take time. But I think results should be seen within the near future.

I was born in USSR, Moscow and grew up in Jerusalem.
Prior to become a psychotherapist, I studied Journalism philosophy and programming, and traveled a lot around the world.
In the last 8 years I am living in Berlin with my partner and child.

My approach

My work is an integration of three main psychotherapeutic modalities: Clinical psychology, Body psychotherapy and Relational psychotherapy.

My base is traditional verbal psychotherapy. The knowledge about the structures of human soul , our patterns and ways to work with it .

Body psychotherapy allows me to give attention to the body, noticing the breath, the movement, contractions and expansions of the body . The body helps us to notice the unconscious life that lays behind our stories.

Relational psychotherapy adds another layer. Our ways of attachment are often the source of our pain. Therapeutical relationship becomes a playground, where we can notice, experience and challenge the ways we relate and create new path to a deep and meaningful relationships .

Qualifications and experience

2017-2019 Post-graduate training in Relational body psychotherapy.
Open Center, London, Human potential movement (UK).

From 2016 A member of European Association for Body Psychotherapy (EABP)

2014-2016 Hypnotic skills for psychotherapists (GR).

2014-2015 Master in Psychology (Honours) Ruppin Academic Center (IL).

2010-2015. Body oriented psychotherapy. Reidman College (IL).

2007-2009 Bachelor in Psychology (Honours) The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (IL).

Psychotherapist at the day clinic in Be'er Yaakov hospital(IL).
Psychotherapist at the addiction center Merkaz-Shachaf, Tel-Aviv (IL).
Private clinic in Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv (IL).
Private clinic in Berlin (DE).

English, Hebrew, Russian


Online Sessions

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