Manuela Luise

Manuela Luise

Psychotherapie (HeilprG), MA Kunstherapeutin (Pontifical University Antonianum)

Ebelingstraße 14A
10249 Berlin

Ausbildung, Heilerlaubnis, Abrechnung

  • Heilpraktiker/in (Psychotherapie)
  • Erlaubnis zur Psychotherapie nach Heilpraktikergesetz
  • Private Krankenversicherung, Selbstzahler


  • Gestalttherapie


  • Einzeltherapie
  • Gruppentherapie

Weitere Sprachen

  • Englisch
  • Italienisch
  • Spanisch

Freie Plätze / Wartezeiten

  • Freie Plätze vorhanden.
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Coping with psychological pressures even with help from friends and family, can be very difficult to achieve. These mental conflicts weigh us down and make us ill. In these situations, it is advisable to seek help.

I offer art therapy sessions and psychological counselling in Italian, English and Spanish.

<<<<<<The benefits of therapy>>>>>

The concept of mental health/illness that we experience is always connected to a network of interrelationships in which we operate, which influence us and which we influence.

Counselling and treatment can offer opportunities to develop new relational experiences.

Each symptom, behaviour or feeling, that is experienced as an obstacle, either to personal growth or simply to the enjoyment of everyday life, has either once been a useful way of coping with some challenge, or constitutes part of a condition/disorder, with which one can learn to relate effectively.

<<<<<<Focusing on the here and now>>>>>>

we will explore specific conflicts and inhibitions in your present life by analysing the underlying history based patterns and dynamics, aiming to understand, address, and attempting to change them.


My career path began with migration and the study of photography and journalism. Without knowing it, this training would have passed on to me the main elements of my work: openness to what is diversity, an attentive and active listening and observation, professionalism and intuitiveness.

I work both dialogue-based and with creative methods (photographs, collages, drawings and guided imagery ).

I am a non-medical practitioner of psychotherapy according to the Non-medical Practitioners Act (Heilpraktikerin for psychotherapie) I have a master’s degree in Art Therapy and am currently completing a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

Verfahren und Methoden


My basic approach to observing people is humanistic.
My training in Art Therapy is Gestalt-based.

The HUMANISTIC APPROACH focuses on the person by seeing him or her as a whole: feelings, mind, body and soul. I therefore start from the assumption that each person develops an active self.

ℹ Type of humanistic therapy are:
-Carl Rogers’ non-directive psychology;
-Fritz Perls’ Gestalt;
-Yalom’s existentialist psychology;
-Lowen’s psycho-corporeal approach;
-Moreno’s psychodrama;

Another fundamental driving force of our organism, is the need for SELF-FULFILMENT, i.e. we strive to grow and develop.

All our actions (all mental and physical activities) are geared towards providing STRUCTURE & MEANING and fulfilling our basic needs.

GESTALT THERAPY is HOLISTIC and HUMANISTIC and starts from the ‘HERE & NOW’ of experience. It is based on methods and theories from dynamic psychology.

In my individual and group sessions I like to use models and methods from Gestalt therapy, dynamic psychology, behavioural therapy and systemic therapy.

This means that I work according to the principles of integrative psychotherapy: this approach and the different methods allow me to fully meet the individual needs of my clients.

In addition to THERAPEUTIC DIALOGUE, EXERCISES and CREATIVE MEDIA, which activate experience, can help us learn new things about ourselves.

The creative tool I use at most is photography.

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