Blanka Leeker

Blanka Leeker

Marriage and Family Therapist

Kieler Str. 3
10115 Berlin

Ausbildung, Heilerlaubnis, Abrechnung

  • Diplom-Sozialpädagogik, Heilpraktiker/in (Psychotherapie), MA Counseling Psychology
  • Erlaubnis zur Psychotherapie nach Heilpraktikergesetz
  • Selbstzahler


  • allg. psych. Problem - Lebensberatung
  • Coaching
  • Depression
  • Essstörung
  • Kinder - Jugendliche
  • Notfall - Krise
  • Paare - Familien
  • Psychoonkologie
  • Trauer


  • Gesprächstherapie
  • Humanistische Verfahren
  • Integrative Therapie
  • Kurzzeittherapie
  • Systemische Therapie
  • Verhaltenstherapie


  • Einzeltherapie
  • Familientherapie
  • Kinder und Jugendliche

Weitere Sprachen

  • Englisch
  • Deutsch

Freie Plätze / Wartezeiten

  • In dringenden Fällen auch kurzfristig Termine möglich.
Persönliches Profil


Support and help for children and adolescents and their families via an integrative approach. Short- and long-term interventions with a focus towards improvement of behavior and positive outlook on life.
I work with parents by facilitating the process while their adolescent is away from home (e.g. attending at boarding school; participating in a therapeutic or residential treatment program).
With individuals I mostly work on relationship issues, trauma, loss and grief, eating disorders, chronic illness and health management.


I believe in person’s inherent worth and underlying drive for life and wellbeing, even in the grip of very painful emotions and self-sabotaging behavior. I see clients as their own authority on their life’s direction, and myself as an attentive non-judgmental trained companion for the time needed.

Aus- und Weiterbildung

Master in Counseling Psychology (Santa Clara University, CA, USA) [2011]
BA in Social Work (University of Applied Sciences, Darmstadt, Germany) [2000]
RN in Germany [1985]
Heilpraktiker fuer Psychotherapie (Berlin)
Externship Training Program at Mental Research Institute Palo Alto CA (Strategic Family therapy, Gestalttherapy, Ericksonian Hypnosis)

Ueber mich

I had the opportunity to live and work for the last 15 years in Silicon Valley. Within this vibrant and multicultural environment, I worked in various clinical settings.
I received my education from leading experts in Germany and the USA. I enlarged my experiences through social projects in Thailand and many years in the USA.
I am a married woman, mother of two children (25y/18y) and live with my family in Berlin, Germany. I am a US citizen and native German.

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